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The Emirates FA Cup & first round (H) draw vs Winchester 8 Sep

Yesterday saw the draw of the first round qualifying for the Emirates FA Cup. Where we were drawn against Winchester City. We've been looking through fixtures and where possible to find details on a previous match between the sides, but come up blank. If you are aware of a previous match let us know on the comments below. For those that are not up on the structure of the FA Cup. There have been two rounds of extra-preliminary games already, that have seen 344 teams already fall by the wayside in this years competition.

For the draw, we came out as tie number 106 out of the 116 matches that make up this round. So there's a lot of football to be played out on the 8th September, with replays in force for the following thursday at the reverse venue.

Each round see's more teams entering into the competition all the way up to the Third Round Proper (where Premier league teams enter). So we are just 6 wins away from seeing Harry Kane or Paul Pogba at the hill.


Extra Preliminary Round (368 teams) - Complete

Preliminary Round (320) - Complete

First Round Qualifying (132) - vs Winchester City (h)

Second Round Qualifying (160) - FA National League System Step 2 enter

Third Round Qualifying (80)

Fourth Round Qualifying (64) - FA National League System Step 1 enter

First Round Proper (80) - Football League 1 and Football League 2 Clubs enter

Second Round Proper (40)

Third Round Proper (62) - Premier league and Championship teams enter

Fourth Round Proper (32)

Fifth Round Proper (16)

Quarter Final (8)

Semi Final (4)

Final (2) Our best performance Back in 1954, we made it to the first round proper, where our largest ever attendance of 8,000 spectators saw Leyton Orient win 3-0 to end our journey in the cup. The cup is always a funny competition, so who knows where it will take us this year.

Prize money There's £6,000 at stake for our match against Winchester, but there's a cool £3,600,000 in the prize pot for the eventual winners of the cup,

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Aug 29, 2018

It's coming home ;)

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