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The club are delighted to be able to announce the launch of our new club values, that will be applied to the club from the Men's and Women's first teams down to our youth teams.

These values and objectives are in place for every player, staff member and associated member of the club at all levels. We believe that it is important that these are public to allow all fans, parents and interested parties the ability to understand the clubs decisions on players and other projects within the club as a whole. Director Gary Collinson stated, "These values underpin everything we have expressed with our off the field goals, we are very ambitious with our goals and regardless of any changes these will remain core to the clubs development" First team manager Danny Greaves commented, "It's really important for any football club to have a plan. Everyone who represents our club must be aligned on the short and long term plan and the values which underpin everything we do, from recruitment of players, to how we conduct ourselves in and around the club on a daily basis. It's great for me that players progressing through our academy or youth teams will be living and breathing the same values as the players in the first team. These values will become our identity."

Women's First Team manager Justin Paget added, "The values see the confirmation of the developments we have been making as Women's team. We are a fundamental part of the set-up at Frome Town and our aim is to keep growing. Building on the success that 80% of our current senior squad have come through our junior ranks, to also attract talent that is looking to be part of something bigger and more significant."

The values for the Senior Teams and Junior teams are largely consistent with the focus on our commitment to our charter standard approval across every team.

It's important to stress that the club realises that although there is now a clear path for players to come through the Robins and the Development team to the first teams. It is the responsibility of the club to ensure those that are with the club from a young age are looked after safely and responsibly.

Ben Starr, Vice Chairman (Frome Town Robins) expressed, “At Frome Town Robins, it’s not all about football, it’s about the players and promoting our club values to develop the person and not just a footballer to help set them up for life. Our values run through the whole club and ensures a consistent approach by all to provide a safe, inclusive and fun environment” We encourage all players, managers at all levels and fans to read the individual values and objectives documents to gain a full understanding of the club's ambitions. Click on a values guide to find out more about each section of the club.

The club values will displayed in our changing rooms and other club areas within the club and will feature on in the new Frome Town Robins development site. These values will also be issued to all players and displayed on this website.


If you missed the opportunity to get your name on a seat and our "Wall of Thanks". There's still time during June, check out for more details.

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