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Director Update: A Farewell to Scott Fitzgibbon

Following our AGM, the club can confirm that Director Scott Fitzgibbon has stepped down from our board of Directors and will be departing the club at the end of May.

After five incredible years of service, Scott Fitzgibbon, our Head of Communications and latterly the Director of Communications, will be stepping away from Frome Town Football Club. As we bid him farewell, we wish to acknowledge his contributions to the club and express our gratitude for his outstanding efforts.

Scott joined the club as Head of Communications, where he showcased his exceptional skills in fostering a strong connection between the club, the local community, and our passionate supporters. Under his guidance, the club witnessed a remarkable growth in support, with average attendance rocketing from 180 people to regularly surpassing 500, and even crossing the 1,000 mark on numerous occasions.

One of Scott's notable achievements was the establishment of the #BA11 community - an innovative concept that aimed to unite the online and local communities. The community was brought to life with captivating drone imagery showcasing the unity of fans, players, and the wider Frome community. This initiative not only strengthened the bond between supporters but also rejuvenated the pride of supporting Frome Town Football Club.

Scott's vision extended to revamping our media team, ensuring our supporters enjoyed a premier league experience even at the non-league level. He spearheaded the club's rebranding efforts, unveiling a fresh club crest that infused a new wave of optimism throughout the club. Additionally, Scott bolstered our online presence through an engaging website, active social media channels, and the introduction of digital programmes, podcasts, BA11TV interviews, and match highlights. A vision that has now been copied by many at our level of football. Moreover, Scott’s support extended to the club's coaching team through the introduction of VEO technology and raising the profile of the players in our squad.

Beyond his work in communications, Scott demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the club's growth and community outreach. He successfully led the club's Crowdfunder campaign, raising an impressive £20,000 and whilst also enabling the distribution of over 100 free club kits to the children of Frome during the heartwarming Kitmas initiative. Furthermore, his initiative in launching the 50:50 draw has currently contributed over £7,000 to the club's coffers over the past few seasons.

Scott's passion for making a positive impact extended beyond the club itself. Through his leadership, Frome Town Football Club proudly partnered with Fair Frome, offering free tickets to those in need and displaying their logo with pride on our shorts. This collaboration not only enhanced our club's reputation but also made a difference in the lives of individuals within the community. This community focus also led to Scott introducing our #BA11 Live event and training with our team events, working with Frome Town Women and Frome Town United.

As Scott Fitzgibbon embarks on a new chapter in his journey, it is with deep gratitude and appreciation that we thank him for his invaluable contributions to Frome Town Football Club. His dedication, vision, and relentless pursuit of excellence will live long in our club, supporters and community as a whole.


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