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REACTION: A chairman to be proud of.

Updated: May 18, 2020

It's only right that we all have the opportunity to thank Jeremy Alderman for his time at as the chairman of our club. So we've asked many of the key club figures from Jeremy's time to let us know their reaction to the news.


“It has been a privilege and pleasure to have served on the FTFC Board with Jeremy over the past 10 years, he has worked tirelessly during that period to keep Senior Football being played in FROME We have not always seen eye to eye but the decisions that have been made have been done in the best interest of the Club ( usually been settled over a glass of Red). I now look forward to continuing our working relationship with FTH in the progressing work on the redevelopment of the Stadium” - Ivan Carver


"I have worked with Jeremy for over 10 years, people have no idea of the amount of time, energy and financial investment he has made in that time. Overseeing our highest ever league achievement and helping to put plans in place to secure the future of the Club for generations to come. Most of his efforts may have gone unnoticed and only realised in time, but they are not unappreciated by those involved with Frome Town. I hope Jeremy continues to play a part in our future." - Garry Collinson


"Jeremy has always been very supportive from the minute I walked through the door nearly 2 years ago. The board, led by Jeremy have done so much for this club over the years and under that leadership have taken the club to its highest ever level.

Being a leader, a boss, a chairman is a thankless task but this club would not be where it is today had it not been for the hard work and dedication of the board, led by Jeremy.

On a personal note, as mentioned, I would like to thank Jeremy for his support even in the toughest of times last year, and particular valued his call the day after my lowest moment in football, when we lost to Staines and almost certainly sealed our relegation" - Danny Greaves


”I was on the was already on the committee when Jer came on board & you could tell from his enthusiasm he was going to be a big asset to the club. As we have seen & are still seeing, he’s the driving force behind the redevelopment. Personally he’s a good friend & always will be. (You don’t have to pay me yet Jer) - Neil Clark


'"Jeremy has provided me so many valuable insights into what it takes to be a chairman at any level. Having to step back and remove emotion for the long term success of a club is a difficult. Jeremy has been open to experimenting and allowing us all the space to make a difference at this club, But Jeremy comes into this own when making the difficult decisions, which doesn't come easy to many. I know that stepping down would have been probably the most difficult decision of them all" - Scott Fitzgibbon


“Jeremy was absolutely brilliant to work under during my time at the club. From the minute I got there he supported me unwaveringly both on the Pitch but more importantly off the pitch. I wish I could have had longer working with him as he was a thoroughly good bloke and if anyone deserves to bring a club success it’s Jer. Make no mistake he’s going to leave very big shoes to fill.” - Nick Bunyard (former manager)


"Jeremy should be proud of what he has done and achieved at the club in his time as chairman. To run a non league football club comes with many challenges. Frome have been lucky enough to mix with some really big non league clubs over the years. Lots of that will be down to Jeremy’s hard work behind the scenes. He, along with the other directors have worked tirelessly for the club. During my time as manager of the football club it was a pleasure having Jeremy as chairman. I felt I always had his backing and support. I wish Jeremy all the best for the future." - Josh Jefferies (former manager)


Sorry to hear Jeremy Alderman is stepping down as chairman of Frome Town Football Club. He will be a hard act to follow given all those years of dedicated service to Frome Town. We have become friends with Jeremy over the years, but we obviously still maintained our competitive spirit during a match, and then enjoyed mutual hospitality both home and away before and after the game. I wish him all the very best for the future and sure we will undoubtably meet for our usual banter at a fixture between us sometime in the future. - Dave Bissex, Paulton Rovers Football Club


I have enjoyed my time working with Jeremy we have had some good laughs along the way I will miss having a bottle of bud with him after a home game thank you Jeremy hope to see you at some home games next season - Basher


His support has always been fantastic home and away he comes to every game and is always on the coach. Always took the time to chat to me personally and feel we have had a good working relationship over the years. Favourite memory has to be when the coach broke down this year and we ended up singing and drinking in a Toby car until the replacement coach arrived. Shame we couldn’t of won it in his last year for him and just a massive thank you for everything he has done over the years - Sam Teale


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