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Longwell Green 0-7 Frome

Our first away friendly saw the lads produce a clinical performance against Longwell Green. As Hopper continued to open the scoring before 6 goals in the second half.

We faced a very eager and energetic opponent in Longwell Green, but as we built the pressure up through the first half, it was Luke Hopper on hand to get his second goal in two games to put us 1 up at half time. The second half saw a brace from Matt Smith and Alex Hallett was on hand to add another. Ben Starr and Thierry Swaby continued to impress with Ben grabbing 2 goals and Thierry on the scoresheet as well. Unfortunately, due to logistics there will be no match highlights of this game,

Att: Unknown

Goals: Hopper, Smith (x2), Hallett, Starr (x2), Swaby

Squad from: 1 Kyle Phillips

2 Callum Evans

3 Ben Withey

4 Sam Teale

5 Mike Baker

6 Jamie Adams

7 Jon Davies

8 George Rigg

9 Luke Hopper

10 Owen Humphries

11 Matt Smith

12 Alfie Clarke

13 Tom Roberts

14 Warren Maidment

15 Ben Starr

16 Luke Johnson

17 Alex Monks

18 James Ollis

19 Alex Hallet

20 Lucas Schwalbe-Goodwin

21 Thierry Swaby (trial)

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