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Fantasy football September winner

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

It's that time again where I am here to announce another fantasy football winner

I am Ryan Atkins the matchday promotions assistant for Frome Town men's and ladies teams and also am in charge of the fantasy football league

The winner for September is.... Craig Brennan. Craig please get in touch, so we can give you your prize of two matchday tickets.

The season so far... Here's how the table is shaping up. Josh Holland is leading the pack with September's winner Craig hot on his heels.

How are you getting on vs our players.... 6. James Ollis - Bald FC - 542

18. Sam Teale - ItAintSafe - 523

23. Alfie Clarke - SqueakerDem - 516

55. Kyle Phillips - Wolfman Wanderers - 482

73. Seth Locke - Grand Theft Porto - 469

80. Neil Simmons - All in the Planning -464

116. Warren Maidment - Madeline Milan - 434

If you are a little bit off the top at the moment pick a player and take them on!


Please come along as support both teams until the end of the season any support for this amazing community club is appreciated by everyone thank you for your continued support


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