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CLUB UPDATE: 23rd July

An another little update from the club on things going on behind the scenes.

Over the last couple of weeks you will have seen the playing squad announced, we hope you are delighted with the squad Danny Greaves has put together for the upcoming season. If you watched the Q&A with the management you'll know that the lads are now back in training. With the recent updates from the FA, they are now allowed to train as "normally" as possible whilst adhering to the COVID guidelines.

Last summer saw us hold an open training session where you could come and meet the players, and for the younger robins join in a training session with first team squad members led by manager Danny Greaves. This summer we are hoping to do the same summer event with a provisional date of 29th August. This will also be merging with the planned naming day at the stadium, where we will be able to reveal the stadium name and inviting those who have seat names to come to stadium to place their name on their chosen seats. We will also unveil the Wall of Thanks to all those involved with the Crowdfunder.

Friendlies, honestly everyones still wondering how this is exactly going to work. We have a number of arranged friendlies that we will be announcing for August starting the 8th August. However, it's still not clear whether fans will be back to watch the football in preseason. We are still confirming a couple of "prestige" home friendlies that we can all get excited by.

Season tickets and flexi tickets are being announced shortly now we have more details on the start of the season. There's good news for existing season ticket holders and flexi ticket holders. There are some changes to ticketing that will come in (not price related), but again this will be in the ticket announcement.

Covid planning, Tack and Trace - we are currently going through all the procedures required for the return to football, we will have a robust plan in place before the return of the friendlies to ensure everyone's safety. We hope that everyone will bear with us as we try to navigate this time and support us where possible. It's likely that anyone that attends a match will have to provide their name and contact details as they enter the ground. As a club we have the facility to sell all tickets on line and in advance, but it' not something we want to enforce unless entirely necessary. As it maybe that the stadium has to remain cashless.

In the media team and commercial team we are due to announce this years teams behind the scenes at give you an insight into what to expect. It's exciting times and lots of people keen to be involved.

Lastly, but still hugely important is that we are still. looking for people who are interested in becoming a Director at the club. Please if you have any interest or can recommend someone, let Gary Collinson know. This is critical to our progress as a club.

REMEMBER: If you ordered a seat name let us know your name confirmation by Saturday 25th July on the following link:

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