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Check your fixture – and your risk of prostate cancer - this Non-League Day

In the build-up to this year’s Non-League Day (March 26, 2022), Prostate Cancer UK is calling on football fans to not only find their fixture – but to check their risk of the most common cancer in men.

The leading men’s health charity wants supporters across the UK to join forces and find the 14,000 men whose prostate cancer has gone undetected because of the pandemic.

One in eight men in the UK will be affected by prostate cancer, but it remains very treatable if caught early, so it is important that these men are found quickly before their cancer spreads.

For an eighth year Prostate Cancer UK have teamed up with Non-League Day to take on the most formidable opponent of all. And while fans will once again be able to check the ground-breaking match-finder database on the webpage, they will for the first time be able to check their risk of prostate cancer thanks to the 30-second risk checker.

Southend United saved my life

The 14,000 figure is close to the capacity of National League Southend United’s Roots Hall home ground. And Prostate Cancer UK’s ground-breaking work in football saved the life of long-time Shrimpers supporter Keith Smith.

In 2018, a check on the club’s website saw him read an article about then-boss Chris Powell running the London Marathon for Prostate Cancer UK, who were on the front of the club’s shirts in the 2018/19 season. And it sparked a lifesaving turn of events.

He said: “I was looking to see if there was any news on us signing a player, and I saw an article on there with Chris regarding prostate cancer. I found myself reading about the symptoms, and I thought ‘that’s me, I’ve got one of those symptoms’. From there I looked it up further and eventually went to the doctor, and after a range of tests it was confirmed I had prostate cancer.

“I’m so grateful to the work Prostate Cancer UK have done. Without that, who knows where I’d be now?

“It’s vital that men understand their risk. I’ve first-hand experience of the wonderful support of Prostate Cancer UK, and their 30-second risk checker is a vital tool to help men.”

Find out about your prostate cancer risk at





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