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Your donations to Fair Frome

Again what can we say! Your generosity to the local community has been amazing with over 150Kg of food and items collected at our last home game. Thank you all.

This is the second season that the club and Fair Frome have worked together to ask fans to come together to support those in need of everyday items across our town. The results were again superb.

Bob Ashford Chair of Trustees for Fair Frome commented,

"We have seen a significant increase in demand for our foodbank as the effects of rising inflation, fuel bills and other cost of living rises kick in. These rises affect everyone and the result has been a drop on food donations which has seen us having to purchase food to ensure we can keep up with demand. This latest support from Frome Town FC and its directors, players and supporters will make a huge difference to us in our work. Thank you."

The club would like to thank the fans and volunteers for all their support in helping to raise a wonderful amount for the people in our #BA11 community. Marketing Director Scott Fitzgibbon added,

"A huge thank you to everyone involved in making this a success from Louise and Ryan in the club handling all the donations on the gates with representatives from Fair Frome, to everyone single person that made a contribution. We are very blessed to have such generous and community proud supporters.



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