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Weston 7-1 Frome Town

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Dan Demkev
Dan Demikev

A tough day at the office but lots of lessons learnt as we faced a strong Weston Super Mare team.

The pressure led to a range of errors that made the first half extremely difficult, but the side rallied in the second half to produce a more effective defensive performance.

Our consolation goal was scored by Dan Cottle.

Manager Danny Greaves commented:

"Last night was a very difficult test against a very good side, who put 6 past Forest Green last week. It showed us for what we are, and that's a very new team, with only 4 of from last night being regular starters last year, and in reality was a game too early in our pre season preparation.

We had a few players away and injured, but still expected more from the players we had out there. Some positives came out of it, with one or two good individual performances, one or two got their first minutes, and the response to some changes at half time were taken on board and it was a more positive performance on the back of that, although a case of damaged limitations.

While any defeat hurts, especially in the manner as we did, we need to be realistic about where we are. It's not all doom and gloom as we have had more positives than negatives to date. But they say you learn more in defeat, and it may prove to be a blessing. We will be in twice this week before heading down to Willand next Saturday looking for a much more positive performance."

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