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We are #BA11 launch

#BA11 bringing the community together
#BA11 bringing the community together

We are delighted to launch our commitment to Frome and the surrounding areas, throughout it’s launch of We Are #BA11.

On Thursday 9th August, we held a unique event that enabled people from the town, Frome Town Robins, our Ladies team, Frome Town Sports and our Men’s first team to all come together to spell out #ba11 on the pitch. With the intention of solidify the club’s promise to be more central to the town and playing its part in overcoming Frome's social issues.

The event captured over 150 people with the use of a drone camera to create some wonderful images of the ground, supported by club partners Fair Frome and IMS Ltd. The club will be supporting Fair Frome throughout the season to highlight social issues that can in some way be tackled by engaging in sport and other community initiatives. The club has also offered a number of free tickets for each game to supporters who would not be able to typically afford attending matches. These tickets have been donated to Fair Frome – who will help provide tickets to visitors of their services.

Gary Collinson, Operations Director, Frome Town, said: "We are trying hard to give more people access into football and the ground, to see what it’s about and to get involved with the club. Not just for the football, but to ensure the club and its facilities are available to the local community and our partners”.

Scott Fitzgibbon, SF Marketing Consultancy, commented, “The event we held focuses on people coming together to create #ba11, this is really important for the community to help own this and bring them back into the club again.”

The club’s purpose is to strengthen its alignment with the community and the passionate supporters. The strategy of this campaign focuses on inclusion, through out the whole season. Sharing of information and updates tied to a unique #hashtag will allow everyone access to play their part of a growing success story.

Many thanks to Creative Solutions (Frome) for making the videos a possibility.

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