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Kitmas is here. Time to do something amazing...

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

This festive season we are looking for your help to provide free kits to 25 children in Frome in time for Christmas.

We are delighted to show our support our backing of Kitmas this year to help provide a wonderful gift for any children in the local Frome area whose families find themselves in a difficult position of not being able to afford Christmas presents this year. Working with Kitmas and our Charity Partner Fair Frome, we hope that you will support our cause by donating whatever you can to help make a child's Christmas in Frome. Whilst also helping to support our club and Fair Frome. It costs around £20 for a kit to be produced, we are hoping to raise £500 to see 25 children receive a kit in time for Christmas. Any donations made to this page will go towards more Frome Town kits for local children. Please make sure you donate to the Frome Kitmas page to ensure the kits come to the children of Frome. Donations to the main Kitmas campaign will be shared through their national networks.

Marketing Director Scott Fitzgibbon commented,

"Kitmas is a truly wonderful idea. Their work enables children in low income environments to be able to receive a gift at Christmas that they would not have been able to get, for me this is fantastic. The chance to help local children in this position was one we as a club couldn't overlook. It's even better that Kitmas will look to supply shirts from our club to our local area as well. I would encourage all clubs to set up their own Kitmas campaign and help the cause, as well as play a positive part in the local community.

We will be working with Fair Frome to distribute the kits in time for Christmas, alongside our other activities

Thank you for your support! We are #BA11


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