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FA TROPHY: Our response to the FA decision

Buildbase FA Trophy (pictured)

Following the decision by the FA and DCMS the club has sought further advice and will not travel to tonight’s scheduled match vs Maidstone United.

As a club our first thoughts have to be with the players, staff and officials of both teams who will be forced to play a match in Tier 4 against wider Government regulations. As a ‘non-elite’ team, we do not accept the decision of both bodies given all the news coverage and medical expert advice provided.

We will not put families and lives at stake. It’s clear that no football match outside of the top level is COVID safe. We will not demand that our players travel in separate cars across the country to a tier 4 area. We have no clear clarification on the insurance procedures and coverage either. We’ve also been truly shocked by some of the wider fan comments who have a very reckless view on COVID and its effects. But more disappointed at the collective decision that has been made.

We are not withdrawing from the competition, and believe the FA can still make a sensible decision to postpone until it is safe to play. We will await further communication from the FA.

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Totally agree with your stance. The FA have completely lost the plot on this matter. How ridiculus of them to recently suggest that non-elite step 4 teams in Tier 3 could have 200 fans in their grounds, when as individuals we are only allowed to meet one person away from our homes. You have my 100% backing as a Director of a non-elite club myself.


Trevor stacey
Trevor stacey
Dec 23, 2020

Quite right to make this decision it beggars believe

that this most damaging pandemic is treated so lightly

by those who have put this football club in this most

INVIDIOUS position. I congratulate all at Frome

Town FC .for coming to a

sensible and right decision. Far more than this Fa higher



Paul Mallett
Paul Mallett
Dec 23, 2020

Excellent decision by Frome FC., responsible and totally justified.

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