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Can you help save the club £10,000 this season by buying a Flexi-Ticket this weekend?

The club have been in discussions over the summer in regards to our energy provision. Having made steps with our solar stand, we are very keen to take advantage of further energy savings and alternative providers.

However, we are in a position where the club need to raise £3,000 to clear the current contract and move onto a new supplier. This will enable the club to make substantial savings off the field, these savings will be able to directly impact the playing budget of the team and helping to secure our finances for the rest of the season. The alternative is to remain with the existing supplier where our funds would be paying bills rather investing the same money into the team and club itself.

So we aren’t looking for donations or loans, but we are looking to try and sell 30 additional Flexi-Tickets for this season. Flexi-tickets get you 12 home games for the price of 10 which is £100 (Concessions £70). But in addition we will give a Club Beenie to anyone that signs up to a Flexi -Ticket before Tuesday nights match.

As you can imagine the clubs budgeting is based on careful planning. However with this opportunity, the cost of missing out could end in the club paying out over £10,000 for energy that we could be receiving from other sources and suppliers at a cheaper rate.

You can purchase a flexiticket online right now by clicking here…

We truly hope that you can help the club save, whilst you save on a match day too.

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