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STATEMENT: Danny Greaves rumours

Photo by Steve McCarthy

Frome Town FC would like to clarify that Danny Greaves remains the manager of the club, retaining the full support of our Board of Directors, following social media rumours and reports following Saturday's match at Staines Town.

As you can imagine the whole club remains disappointed in regards to the last few weeks, given the recent on field results.

These circumstances have meant that the club will be taking further steps to plan beyond the end of this season, regardless of our final league position.

Danny Greaves remains an integral part of these plans, as we continue to develop a new culture within the playing staff, along with the introduction of the new development team.

For clarity, the club has not accepted or received any formal resignations. Also, to be clear, the club has not sought out or spoken to any managers or coaches that are attached to other clubs or free agents.

The club would like to also state, that whilst we would not typically comment on social media based rumours. We are committed to supporting our manager when these rumours can directly effect the ability for Danny to perform his role, or cause disruption to our playing squad at a critical point of the season.

We hope our fans and partners also remain committed to supporting the club through this tricky part of the season, whilst continuing to show their support for Danny and the team.

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