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Website updates and new features

We've take the time between the gap in fixtures to focus some changes on the website to give it a little refresh, but more importantly some new features for you to enjoy!

Login bar

You notice a new login bar has been added to the main site navigation, this now allows you to view any orders, purchases or subscriptions you may have in place. Also allowing you to keep track of what tickets you have bought for various matches, change you notifications from the website and update your details.

Members section Watch this space, as this will be growing with more options and content becoming available for those that are signed into the website. We're even launching something new in the next week!

A club forum

A new club website based forum, for all users to enjoy talking to other fans. Find out the latest news and talk directly to the club. We know that it's difficult to keep up with social media for most of us, so we'll be posting everything in here and want our fans to be able to post what they want to talk about as well. We're trialling this so keep it clean and friendly. At this point you will have to sign up to be able to access the forum section.

Other updates

We've updated the colours across the site to be a little less intrusive, so out with a lot of the red pages! However, we're not done yet. We are working across the site to fix things and sort things. But if there's something broken or not there... let us know in the Help section of the Forum and we'll fix it or try and build it!

Hopefully, we will see more people enjoying the site on a more regular basis as it grows and grows!

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