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REACTION: Gary Collinson on the season end

Operations Director Gary Collinson spared us some time to give us his thoughts on yesterday's news. "Whilst football is somewhat trivial in the current climate I would like to take this opportunity to thank the players, management, volunteers, supporters and my fellow directors for their superb efforts over this season."

"The quality of performance we have seen has been excellent and there is no doubt in my mind we would have finished in the top 2 positions at the season’s end.Unfortunately the Football Association has decided that all results are expunged and therefore we are today starting to plan for the season ahead in the same division, whenever that may be, leaving the hard work and financial investment unrewarded." "There are financial repercussions too, with the club premises also closed down, also curtailing our community activity, and more will follow on this in due course."

"If you are interested in getting involved for the forthcoming season then please get in touch, there will be an awful lot of work to do once we are able, not least of which is replacing our departing directors - they deserved better from this season too." The club will continue to assess the ongoing situation around the leagues decision to end all fixtures and remove all results.

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Unknown member
Apr 09, 2020

@Paul We’ll be taking a look at the FA statement released today in more detail and discussing it with all the clubs that signed the letter sent to the FA first.


Paul Mallett
Paul Mallett
Apr 09, 2020

Like most supporters I feel this decision to expunge results for this season to all clubs below the third tier of football leagues is totally unjust.

I presume their must be a logical reason. Perhaps the clubs’ officials would explain

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