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It's amazing to be able to say that shortly we will all be back to ground and able to cheer on the team, grumble at the British weather and embrace football with no VAR! So we're all getting Back To #BA11. We're delighted to be able to open up our Season Ticket and Flexi Ticket offerings today to everyone, so read on and find out more below.

Last season

We're doing our best to reach out to everyone that had Season Tickets and Flexi Tickets last season, so if you had one and no one has been in touch. It's likely we don't have your current contact details or email address. So please reach out and we will provide you with the options in regards to last seasons tickets. If you've not yet responded, nows the time so let us know. But most importantly... We as a club want to thank every single person that has chosen to donate their ticket back to the club. We would love to be able to name you all, but we hope you all know how much it means to the club. It's will not go unnoticed.

Back to #BA11 Tickets

This season our aim is to convince/tempt/wow more fans into become Season Ticket Holders and Flexi Ticket holders. Why? We've just been through a horrendous financial situation with the impact of COVID-19 and with all your help we've made it through the other side. We as a football club, have to look forward to the future and leave these last 14 months behind us. This could not have been achieved without the wonderful support of everyone that pledged to our Crowdfunder Campaign last year. To honour this our new season ticket cards will feature the names of everyone that has donated to campaign across the designs on the front and back. [Don't worry if you can't see your name at the moment]

What do I get as part of my Ticket? Everyone that buys a Season or Flexi Ticket is automatically enrolled into our #BA11 Club. This entitles you to club discounts, money off items from agreed retailers on site (not the clubhouse) and into a monthly prize draw to win exclusive items (signed shirts, balls, experiences). Whilst also becoming a priority member for tickets or allocations if applicable during the season.

In regards to matches: Season Ticket holders - All Southern League Home matches

Flexi Ticket holders - 12 Southern League Home matches during the season. The tickets do not include access to friendlies or cup matches. Pricing

All ticket prices have be frozen from last season to this season are as follows.

Under 16? We are delighted again to offer children under the age of 16 Season Tickets for just £1. This £1 covers all Southern League Home matches and each child will also be entered into a monthly #BA11 prize draw. Additionally, we will be inviting all children that have Season Tickets to be matchday mascots throughout the season.

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