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50:50 - Join now before the February draw!!

Following our new 50:50 Prize Draw back in December. We are delighted to say that the club has now over 60 people on board supporting the club, whilst having the opportunity to win cash prizes.

Why join now?

Now more than ever does the club need your help. No football means no incoming revenue, but it also means that the club will have a huge decrease in revenue for the 21/22 season. So our 50:50 draw offers you the chance to help the club, whilst offering you the chance to win back cash prizes.

What can you win? Every month the prize pot is set by the number of people that enter with 50% of the entry going directly to the club and 50% creating our monthly prize pot.

February prize details

At this point the prize pot sits at £300 for February. So act now to get your name in the hat to win February’s first prize of a minimum of £150, second prize £75 and 3rd prize of £25.


As we move forward and continue to build up the 50:50 Competition the prize fund will grow and prizes

Join now

We only accept online payments to join and you can find out how to join the 50:50 below Join today at

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