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Can you win?

This season we are offering our fans the chance to win prizes at half time as part of our impossible shot competition. This challenges anyone to chip a ball from 30 yards into a 2ft diameter net. Impossible! Not quite but our players had a go and none have achieved it so far.

How Do you take part

We will call out for "contestants" on line via our social media channels and five lucky people will be given the chance to take part.

How it works

The order of people chosen will also be random, but there's only one prize pot up for grabs. 

If someone wins that day, unfortunately the others will go home empty handed.

If nobody wins, the prize pot will roll on and we will add more prizes as the season continues.

Can you take more than one go?

We will prioritise new entrants each week, but we will be looking for five people each week - so keep entering!

The legally bit

The prizes have been donated by various companies, provided in good faith and are valid under their terms and agreements. The club has no ability to change or upgrade any details of the prizes. Although the supplier may consider alternatives if contacted directly. The club do not hold any responsibility for a supplier's failure to deliver any prize. The club will endeavour to obtain all prizes in advance of any promotion either by physically receiving the prize or obtaining documentation of proof of future delivery.

The rules and details of the competition are subject to change on a weekly basis depending on the success/lack of success of entrants.

Frome Town F.C. accept no liability of injuries occurred during the competition and expect all entrants to be able to participate in good faith of any pre-existing injuries or conditions.


We expect all entrants to be able to be in a physical condition to take part in the competition or to use a stand-in for their turn. All entrants must be able to kick a UK standard size 5 football approximately 30metres.

Frome Town F.C. also accepts no liability to damage to clothing or accessories whilst taking part in the competition.


All entrants will be chosen at random, through assigning numbers to each entrant and allowing a computer to randomly select each of the five entrants.


All entrants must have a valid Season ticket, Flexi-Ticket or Matchday ticket to take part. All entrants will need to be over 16 years old and may not be eligible to all prizes that may contain age restrictions.



Current Prize POT

  1. Afternoon tea for two at the luxurious Ston Easton Park Hotel
  2. £50 Voucher from Gent Street -
  3. £75 Discount to complete a motivational map from
  4. A family pack of Mug For Life (4 mugs - RRP £50) -

Current Prize POT

Afternoon tea for two at the luxurious Ston Easton Park Hotel
£50 Voucher from
Gent Street
£75 Discount from

A family pack of Mug For Life
(4 mugs - RRP £50) 
If you have a prize you wish to donate please get in contact with the club using the contact bubble on this page
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