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Yes You Can - with Fair Frome

For this Saturday's match versus Cinderford, we are asking all our supporters to bring a can, bottle or packet for our club collection day on behalf of our Charity Partners Fair Frome.

Typically, we see Foodbanks at the centre of the news when Christmas in coming. But in real terms February is the hardest month for Food banks to meet the needs of the people ever so reliant on them. You may have seen in the news this weeks queues of people across the country needing support. Earlier today we shared the amazing things that our partner Fair Frome has achieved this last 12 months to help our community. We are delighted to have played our part with our donation to Fair Frome at the start of the season and our joint Kitmas campaign that saw 97 children receive football kit, books, sweets and tickets to our Melksham game. In addition to this we are delighted to say that our board of directors will be sponsoring this week's match on behalf of Fair Frome and donating the money equivalent directly to Fair Frome. So this weekend, if you are able to bring something with you to donate. We know that every contribution is valuable, but Fair Frome are looking for items such as... tinned vegetables, pasta, pasta sauces, jam, custard, tinned ham. As well as household items such as shampoos, conditioners, soaps and deodorants. We hope it goes without saying that these need to be new or unopened items that are in date. Otherwise these items will not be able to be distributed. As the home season at Badgers Hill starts the final run in. We hope that we all take a few minutes to realise that "Yes we Can" make a big difference to our local community together. We are #BA11


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