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Wonder Women Wednesdays - A weekly focus on Frome Town Women!

Welcome to Wonder Women Wednesdays, This week we provide;

  • A focus on away kit, back of Shirt sponsor The Foot Clinic

  • Why we are supporting the England Football ‘Enough is Enough’ campaign and

  • Details of our next match on Sunday 19 November against Stockwood Wanderers (Women) First Team

A focus on away kit, back of Shirt sponsor The Foot Clinic:

Frome Town Women are grateful and proud to be sponsored by local company The Foot Clinic.

The foot clinic is a female founded local business with Demelza, lead podiatrist and clinic owner running the show. They offer help with all foot related issues, including heel pain and other aches and pains. As an extended scope practitioner, Demelza specialises in nail and verruca surgeries, but honestly, there isn’t much she doesn’t know about feet!

Alongside Demelza, there is an excellent team working at the clinic, including Sarah, our foot health practitioner, who is available for routine foot care and Anna, other excellent podiatrist.

In addition, the Foot Clinic also have a number of independent practitioners running their clinics from their welcoming and lovely premises, including Rheanna, Laser technician offering tattoo and hair removal. McTimony Chiropractor Jo Loutsis, founder of Chiroactive and Tim Cummins, Acupuncturist and masseuse.

Do please contact The Foot Clinic to discuss any of your foot based needs!

Enough is Enough – ending hate in football and why Frome Town Women are proud supporters.

England Football report that at grassroots level, poor behaviour in football is increasing. Prejudice is on the rise. All forms of discrimination – including racist, sexist and homophobic abuse – is ruining our game.

On the 9th November 2023, England Football launched its ‘Enough is Enough’ campaign that aims to raise awareness of discriminatory behaviour in grassroots football and the significant consequences that will face perpetrators of hate. The FA will take action against those who ruin the game for others. The action comes in the form of punishments for those players, clubs and supporters who behave in discriminatory ways.

• Players will be removed from play • Players will be suspended for games • Clubs can have points deducted • Clubs can have their ground closed • Spectators will be asked to leave

As a women’s football team, Frome Town Women face direct and indirect discrimination on a weekly basis. Sexism, misogyny, chauvinism and sexualisation seem to form part of the narrative and we want it to stop. Women can - and do – play great football and should be free to do so without a barrage of negative comments on how they look or that they shouldn’t play because they are women. Imagine a world where we all work together in collaboration to build up and support each other rather than seek to oust, alienate or denigrate.

Frome Town Women are proud to support the Enough is Enough campaign. For more information:

Details of our next match on Sunday 19 November at Badgers Hill:

Frome Town Women v Stockwood Wanderers (Women)

Match Preview by Ryan Atkins, Matchday helper

Frome Town Women Host Stockwood in the South West Regional Womens League.

After last weekend's well deserved 3-2 victory over Shaftesbury, FTW are looking to build on our latest win with another 3 points this coming Sunday.

Due to previously well documented reasons, Frome Town Women have had a slow start to this season with 2 wins and 4 defeats – including 2 that were frustratingly close. One of those losses was away to Stockwood Wanderers and so FTW are excited to be hosting Stockwood this time at home and are looking to even the score!

Please come along to Badgers Hill on 19th November and support the team as they look to make it back to back wins in the league and at home.

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