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WINACAR: Refunds update - 8 September

Just an update on the refunding progress so far following our Win A Car fundraising competition .


Crowdfunder: All refunds should now have been processed and returned. If you have not receive your refund, please contact Crowdfunder customer support team for more information.

Physical tickets: We're fast working our way through all the physical tickets. But as with these things, we have a few that we can't reach, whether thats a wrong letter in an email address or number in a phone number. So if you haven't been contacted by the end of this week - please get in contact with us at

We will be making more attempts to inform those who would like refunds via our club communications and on matchdays over the PA.


We have been so grateful to those of you do wished for the club to retain the money originally donated the club and Fair Frome, or opted to re-pledge on our new Crowdfunder page. What will the new money raised go to? With the initial campaign the aim was to raise money for Fair Frome and reward a fan. So we are currently looking into how the money now raised for the club can be used to benefit the fans and the community, following the main donation to Fair Frome. We welcome any ideas or solutions that fall within the money raised totals. Once agreed we will be communicating this out further to everyone.

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