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WINACAR: Refunds and donation details

Following this mornings news about the closure of our prize draw competition. We've had over 100 people contact us about keeping their donations as part of the Win a Car prize draw.

Unfortunately, for those that have pledged via Crowdfunder, we can't retain the money it will all be returned. So if you do wish to donate to the club and Fair Frome once your refund has come back. We've set up the following donation link.

Crowdfunder: All donations made will be refunded by the site within 30 days to the account you made the payment form. To be clear the money raised during the campaign did not reach the club, as part of any Crowdfunder campaign, the money sits with the payment provider in this case 'Stripe'. If you do not receive your refund, please contact Crowdfunder customer support team.

Physical tickets: If you purchase at the stadium, at an event or from a club official. We will be in contact with you over the next 30 days to speak to you about refunding the money. We will organise for the money or transfer to be sent back to you. We've got over 200 people to contact so bear with us, as we are just an army of two volunteers working outside of office hours. On Saturday: Please can we request that any requests for refunds or offers of donations aren't made on Saturday at our FA CUP match. We promise that we will be available to support your request, but please let our matchday officials ensure the match goes ahead and they can conduct their roles on the day.

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