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Website feedback and updates

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

*Updated 20/11/18* Thank you to all of you that helped complete the Website survey that has featured on the website for the last two weeks.

We have taken the comments seriously and will be continuing to develop and grow the site where possible in line with our social media coverage. Please find below more details on the survey results and details of the actions that will be happening.

*Top level statistics*

  • 85% of respondents visit the site more than twice a week

  • 70% of people stated it was easy to find the information they were looking for (see updates below)

  • Respondents come to the site mainly to see the news (59%), Match reports (50%) and Fixtures (53%)

  • Over 70% of respondents like the look and feel of the website

  • Over 80% of respondents were over 45

*Home page*

Load Speed

With this in mind we will remove the instagram driven imagery from the top of the site and we are starting the process of further optimisation. [Complete]

Access issues

The site is compatible with with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Please ensure that you have the latest versions of your browsers. Unfortunately like most new sites, we can’t guarantee that Internet Explorer versions will display correctly.

We are aware that some over-zealous web-blockers do effect some of our users visiting the site. However we would encourage you to make the site exempt in your settings to ensure you are able to access the site properly. [No action]


The survey showed that match reports, fixtures and the league tables were the most common reasons for visiting. So we have created new options on the front to allow easy access to these items in just one click. [Complete]

Upcoming games/results

We have updated this section to allow you to see options to buy tickets (clickable) and to read the latest match reports (clickable). [Complete]

All matchday reports

There is also a new option that will take you to the news section that is pre-filtered for the mens and ladies match reports. [Complete]


The option to buy tickets online was introduced to reduce the requirement on those to carry cash on a match day - with no card facilities available to purchase a ticket on the gate. However with only a small selection of people currently using this on a regular basis we have reduced the prominence of the ticket purchase options. Although the ticket section will remain in the main. We will explore various options for encouraging ticket purchases only. [Complete]

*Social media feeds*

Social media feeds will not appear on the website itself, as the content produced for these channels will be best displayed on the various platforms. However key content will always be featured as a news item. These news items will be shared across the various social media platforms leading back to our site. We have clear and large icons on each page that will take you directly to the social media channels. [No action]

*News page*

The News page has been updated and re-categorised following the inclusion of the Ladies team and the U18 Robins reports. [Complete]

*Fixture pages*

The website draws in information from various sources in order to keep it as up to date as possible. So sometimes the customisation of the tables is limited (at this moment). To make things easier to find home games we have updated them to all be in CAPITALS. [Complete]

Red marker lines have been placed next to the upcoming fixture to make it easier to find the next fixture on the Mens and Womens page. [Complete]


Player statistics and other items will always update, we are looking to make the process faster, but we aren’t in a position to ensure these are up to date straight after the game on all occasions. [No action]

*Away Fan information (visiting Frome)*

We are in the process of expanding this section to include more relevant information over and above the club address. [To complete]


We will be creating a new clubhouse section that will detail the upcoming events and details on how you can hire the venue. [To complete]

*Frome Town App*

The App is being reviewed and being assessed about a potential revamp or replacement.

or whether there is a demand for an app. The decision has been made to shelve the App as it would need to be rebuilt and the updates to the existing App to ensure it is running correctly have been deemed too labour intensive. We would encourage users to remove the App from any devices and initially use the website and sign up to the new weekly newsletter to receive all updates. [Complete]

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