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Today saw the announcement of the Frome Times's "FROME Person of the Year". We are delighted to reveal that Gary Collinson, our Operations Director, has been nominated and in the final selection. Lets get behind Gary and we need your votes.

Why vote for Gary

Gary, has lived in Frome his whole life and was a local business owner (financial advisor) on the high street for many years. He sold off his business to follow a passion of improving the community he lives in and to promote sport across Frome.

Gary is a Town Councillor, whilst helping in many areas, and has taken a lead in many of the sporting improvements in the area.

Including playing a huge part in the approval and creation of the 3G pitch installed at Selwood school that is just opening. Gary also works at Farley School helping children with Aspergers Syndrome get into sport and teaching them two days a week.

Gary has been involved in supporting youth football for over 12 years and is well known for his efforts in Football circles. However he has also been a driven force at Frome Town F.C. where he is the Operations Director.

Where he ensures that the Football Club remains in existence, with hundreds of hours of administration and day to day running of the club each year. Which without his dedication would lead to the club falling apart. He also supports the club by painting pitch lines, working in the bar and co-ordinating much of the match day experience that goes on every week at Badgers Hill. Gary has been instrumental in building a large team of volunteers across the club to help build and keep the team competitive in a league that is way above many of our regional rivals. With huge ambitions of growing the club each year.

Gary has also been involved in creating a partnership with Fair Frome with the Football club to help champion their cause to a wider audience and has also been at the centre of the Big Christmas Get Together that was held at the Football club on Christmas day for those unable to celebrate Christmas with others.

Gary has also been featured in the national news and on many radio stations, fighting for common sense from the Football Association and decisions that aren't in the interest of lower league football. Gaining huge support from other clubs nationally, which has led to wider conversations and changes to be made across the game.

In his spare time (who knows where he finds it) - he's also very active on social media helping to promote Frome and champion local causes. He also has run Frome's Angling club for 30 years and acted as a school governor as well.

VOTE NOW We would welcome everyone who follows Frome Town to register and vote on the Frome Times website. Link for more details: Link to vote:

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1 comentário

Scott Fitzgibbon
Scott Fitzgibbon
16 de jan. de 2019

Good luck Gary!

Got my vote!

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