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Supporter Update - 6 July

A quick update on a few things in the run up to the season start.

Fan Survey 2022

A huge thank you to anyone that has taken part in the fan survey, the results have now been shared with the board for discussion. The results were very positive, but highlighted a number of great suggestions that the club will look to explore and build upon. The club takes the opinions stated very seriously and will comment back on some of the points in a separate statement. At this point it's worth noting that any comments/suggestions in regards to the clubhouse will be passed onto the clubhouse owners.

Season Tickets As always we appreciate everyones desire to receive the cards quickly and to have them proudly in your possession. We're pleased to announce we are now in possession of all the cards for all season ticket types. We will be sending the cards out in the post from Monday 11th July to everyone that has purchased a season ticket so far. If you still need to purchase your season ticket you can do so here...


These are being released on Friday 15th July at midday. We will follow up with more details after the announcements.

Kit orders

The kits for all purchases have been made and we are awaiting the delivery of the shirts. The aim is still to have these ready for the start of the season. Once we have received the shirts they will be posted out as soon as possible. In addition to the orders placed, we have a number of additional shirts that will be in the club shop or used to fulfil new orders where possible. Additionally, this weekend we will have a number of last seasons gorgeous red shirts still in the club shop that will be available at a discounted price.

Helping the club

We have been really pleased that a number of the final applicants for the roles within the club have come from Frome or the local area. Thank you to everyone that applied. If you want to be involved with the club check out our opportunities.

Raising awareness of our games We realise that attendances were great last season, but the work doesn't stop there. With the club heavily reliant on the ticket sales and team performance to keep the club going. Every person that we can attract to our games helps us all. Better atmosphere, greater community and stronger team. You'll see we've introduced new posters around town thanks to Postscript Frome which are printable for everyone to help share the word. In addition we have a number of new banners that hopefully will be popping up around town on a matchday courtesy of SF Sports Marketing. If have any ideas on how we can reach more people in Frome please let us know at


Get Season Ready #BA11

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