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Stadium regulations reminder

With so many new supporters coming to home games and increasing away support, the club and our Board want to remind people of a few of the dos and dont's for your visit to Badgers Hill. Many of these regulations also apply to away matches.

"Dear supporters, Whether we are home or away we are all ambassadors for the Club, and we know that we are currently creating an amazing atmosphere to follow our club. Something we all hope continues to grow and expand as we reach the pinnacle of the thrilling league campaign. At this time, we believe it's only right to make sure that every fan attending matches reminds themselves of our rules and stadium regulations. These are in place to ensure safety of all those that attend and designed to continue to create an environment that is welcoming to all. We have a full list of our stadium regulations that can be found here, but I will take this opportunity to highlight a few of the more common issues from within football at our level in the pyramid.

Firstly, alcoholic drinks and glassware should not be bought into the ground. Please help support our clubhouse, food providers and sellers who are all small businesses in need of your support.

We're currently enjoying the increased level of songs and chants that flow around Badgers Hill. Whilst some banter, humour and gamesmanship is always present, the club hold a strong line that anyone proven to be using racist, homophobic or generally threatening behaviour towards players, matchday officials or other fans will face being removed and banned from the ground. The corner area of the stadium between the main stand and community stand (incorporating the changing rooms) is only for players, sponsors and officials. There is no reason for any supporter to remove, open or go through these barriers. At the end of the game there is a dedicated exit lane from the community stand. Please do not put our volunteers and stewards in an awkward position by trying to exit through the barrier.

We are fortunate to have mascots and other younger supporters coming to our matches, we have to remind everyone that no ball games are allowed whilst the match is in progress. Any balls entering the field of play (even accidentally) can lead to a club fine. We also remind all our supporters that all under 14s should been under parental supervision.

Across non league, the league is also seeing an increase in the use of fireworks, smoke canisters and other items. Be aware that these are strictly prohibited and can lead to serious consequences for supporters and the clubs. This could result in a football wide banning order for anyone carrying these items, as well as fines for the club and stadium owners. Which means the individuals would be banned from all stadia.

Remember these are all in place to make your experience as safe and enjoyable as possible. To help with this we do have a specific reporting mechanism on the website I can assure you anything reported through this channel is investigated.

Above all, home or away, we want EVERYONE to have an enjoyable match day experience"

Derek Graham




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