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Squad Numbers announced

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

This season the squad will have their own squad numbers for the 2019/20 season. Check out your favourite players numbers...

Squad Numbers for 2019/20 season:

1. Rob Brown

2. Mark Cooper

3. Joe O'Loughlin

4. Sam Teale

5. Marcus Mapstone

6. Chris Peck

7. Jon Davies

8. Rob Hobbs

9. Will Hailston

10. Ryan Bath

11. Matt Smith

12. Rich Dawley

14. Warren Maidment

15. Martin Lenihan

16. Rex Mannings

17. Alex Monks

18. Dan Cottle

19. Dan Whitley

20. Jordan Yeo

tbc. Johnny Gorman

tbc. Alex Hallet

tbc. Rickie Scott Click here to visit our squad page for more information

Player sponsorships

Sponsor for your favourite player for the 2019/20 season and become part of our #BA11 community.

This season for £85 only you will receive:

  • Either a signed photograph or a chance to have your picture taken with your favourite player

  • Your name or company recognised in our home programme for each game

  • Your players signed shirt at the end of the season

  • Your name or company named under the player's profile on the website

Click here to visit our 2019/20 player sponsorship page to support your favourite player.

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