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REPORT: Larkhall 2-2 Frome

Frome: Brown, Maidment Cooper Teale Mapstone Mannings Hobbs Davies Simpson Smith Peck Subs: Lenihan OLoughlin Greaves Monks Cottle Goals: Mannings, Simpson

Man of the match: Matt Smith

Attendance: 255

Frome Town secured a valuable point in a feisty encounter at Plain Ham when pretty much everything that could go wrong in the first half did so.

Davies off

The first half was an aggressive half from both teams, but the first major talking point came as influential play maker Jon Davies was forced of with the recurrence of a hamstring injury. This injury caught Frome off guard and whilst the Frome bench prepared a substitute Larkhall took advantage. The goal came against ten men, with a fine Lewis Powell header giving Brown no chance.

Maidment off

Then with Davies off, it was another injury blow. round the 20 minute mark Warren Maidment was subjected to a vicious elbow which resulted in him having to also leave the field and be replaced by O"Loughlin. The tackles continued to fly and it looked for a moment that Matt Smith would also need to be replaced. But on 43' minutes Rex Mannings got the visitors back into the game with a left foot shout from just inside the area.

Mapstone sent off

Just seconds later Marcus Mapstone received his second yellow card for a trip, leaving Frome with a proverbial mountain to climb.

As the second half began it was Frome who were the most positive as Larkhall failed to take advantage of their extra player and they created a few chances. The game seemed to be drifting until. Kane Simpson scored with a superb effort he created for himself on the edge of the area and curled it into the top corner. Kane scored his first goal since returning to the club and it looked like Frome could go on to claim an unlikely win.

The goal, as expected, forced Larkhall onto the front foot, but the Frome defence was resilient and restricted the hosts to speculative lon range efforts. However, It was one of those long shots that gave Larkhall the equaliser. A swerving ball along the ground decieved Rob Brown in goal and found its way into the net on 86 minutes. Neither team were able to find a last minute winner and the result was probably a fair on the balance of play.

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