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Replica shirt orders

Unfortunately, we are still awaiting the delivery of all new shirts for the upcoming season for our fan orders. We therefore will not be able to meet our proposed deliver dates of this week.


Following the previous issues back in 2020, where Puma suffered from huge delivery issues due to Covid lockdowns we experienced lengthy delays with our fans kits orders. Where we had placed our team order a month before the Fan kit orders. The result was that all Fan kits were delayed for an unreasonable amount of time. From this unacceptable situation we moved forward with a different plan for 22/23 with our new suppliers.


This season saw us placed an initial fan order of home and away kits alongside our first team kit order to try and deliver kits simultaneously with the team delivery. With delivery date prior to the start of pre-season for both orders. But the fan orders were still being stated as in production. Following conversation with our kit providers, they are in a position where they can not source the kits with any definitive deadline. However, the team kit arrived during preseason, but many will have noticed that the away kit was eventually a different blue to the one we publicised due to stock issue. So a decision was forced on us to revise this colour or wait until later in the year to receive our preferred choice. We contacted all "blue" kit fan orders to ask if they were happy to accept the new colour.

Revised blue shirt

You will have seen in the news about Pumas production issues and with many clubs around the country experiencing delays to the team kits as well as fan kits. We are currently more fortunate than others. However, this still remains unacceptable for us on behalf of those that have pre-orders with the club.

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As well as the pre-orders, we had ordered a number of shirts to help fill the rails in the clubshop. So once a delivery has been received there will be further opportunities to purchase our team shirts in the coming months. We can assure you that the club is doing everything we can, the kit providers are pushing on behalf of us and the many clubs they represent. As we await Puma's progress. If you have any questions or issues please contact us at and we will be able to help.

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