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READ: NONE SHALL PASS - Paulton Programme - now available

It's our tenth programme of the season as you should hopefully now know all our programmes have gone digital. We've had over 1900 readers of our programmes so far - Thank you for reading!!

As always the programme will be available 24hrs in advance of kick-off for you to enjoy in the build up to the game.

This week has an interview with Goalkeep Rob Brown. With our regular featues from Danny, our match reports from around all our teams and discuss the art of defendingwith Rob Bird.

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We are so proud of our Grandson Alex Hallett signing for Frome Town.

My family have been long time Yeovil Town season ticket holders but now we will be coming to watch Alex and his club.

We have seen a number of games this season at Frome and we think this is a great family club and it has even got Alex’s Nan watching football with his Mum and Dad.

We hope Alex Hallett has a long and very successful career with Frome.

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