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REACTION: League news - Danny Greaves

Manager Danny Greaves gave us his reaction to the news that the league has decided to cancel all remaining fixtures.

"I'm sure by now everyone has seen the league statement. Although disappointed and frustrated for the players, staff, board and supporters who have all worked so hard to get us in the position we find ourselves in today, I do feel it was the only real decision they could make based on what's happening in the world right now.

This virus is taking people's lives and we must do all we can to stop that as quickly as possible and in times like this sport is secondary.

"Let's hope the final outcome results in a top 2 promotion based on points per games"

We await the final decision from the FA, but let's hope the final outcome results in a top 2 promotion based on points per games, and the lads get what they thoroughly deserve after their performance over 3/4 of the season.

A few important thank you messages...

  • to the supporters who have come out in great numbers both home and away, you have been magnificent.

  • the supporters club who have once again been brilliant with me personally but also once again helped the club financially in every way they could.

  • Next the Board who have backed me since I walked through the door even in the toughest of times. It's a real shame for the departing members, who have done so much for the club, including a number of promotions, and taking the club to its highest level. They may not get the opportunity to see the club promoted back into the premier league, which is what their support thoroughly deserves.

  • the management team who do so much work and get little credit publicly. They have all been a fantastic support to me personally, and give up so much time and do so much work which goes unnoticed.

  • Lastly the players who have been fantastic all season. They have all fully bought into what we set out to deliver this season. It's very rare you get a whole squad pulling in exactly the same direction. We had that this year, not a single bad egg, and they have been a pleasure to work with.

I hope everyone stays safe in these awful times, and when we get though this we see you all again at pre season. Stay safe."

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