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REACTION: Danny Greaves comments on today's news

Wins count for nothing...

Manager Danny Greaves, was one of the first to find out about today's decision, having the tough job of breaking the news to many of the players "I know what I'm writing has little importance with what's going on in the world... So perspective first.... "The decision by the FA / League today was never going to please everyone whatever the outcome. Last season we would have been delighted with the decision, but this year we are gutted with the decision."

"To have been in the top 2 all season, to have played 75% of the games, played all bar one team in the league at least once, and to have only lost 4 times takes lots of hard work, dedication, sacrifice and commitment for 12 months or longer in some cases. Not only from players, but officials and the many volunteers who live for their club." "The decision today rewards those who have maybe not had all of those qualities (for so many reasons as we experienced last year), and go against those who have. That for me is wrong! But we take it on the chin, as do all the other teams who will feel more hard done by them ourselves, and we go again and try and replicate if not better this season." At this point the club will not be making any official comments on the situation as we look into any potential options the club may have.

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