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Premier Leagues Loss, Non-Leagues Gain?The story of rising ticket prices across the English football

Our club reporter Rob Bird takes a look into the rising ticket prices across the leagues. Have you say and comment below. Read Rob's articles exclusively in our matchday magazine.

The story of rising ticket prices across the English football leagues is sadly well told, and it’s something which isn’t improving. Today in the Premier League it’s reported 18-24-year olds pay an average of £526 for a season ticket (£28 per match) despite on average only having a disposable income of just over £2000 annually.

This is a problem for English football because the more ticket prices rise, the less willing fans are to attend on a weekly basis, simple. Although what’s more confusing is why these tickets are so expensive.

Recent statistics have shown that for Premier League teams, the revenue made from ticket sales is minute compared to the money made from various advertising and TV deals. In fact, ticket sales are responsible for only 3 percent of overall revenue, meaning clubs could essentially give away the tickets without really feeling any financial affects at all.

However, this Premier League greed could actually benefit non-league football, through increasing attendances at non-league matches. Because of the ticket prices, many today will watch football on the TV at home, in a bar or in a pub; simply because it’s easier and still allows the football fix, but it’s not the same as actually attending a game.

In turn then, increasing amounts of football fans are watching their respected non-league clubs play at their grounds, contributing to the atmosphere and ambiance of local games.

Certain clubs have really decided to seize the opportunity, with AFC Telford United creating the ‘Telford Tribe’ which aims to allow young people to discover the history and roots of the club.

With the standard of non-league football increasing every year, and with opportunities for clubs to progress and grow within their local communities, the Premier League’s misjudgement has really opened a door for non-league football to shine.


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