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Pre-Season and Physical Performance

The Robin's pre-season is well underway now and physical testing took place in these early weeks. Current body composition, fitness levels and key performance-based metrics were undertaken. Over a couple of sessions, a battery of carefully-selected tests were conducted and will be re-tested in the final week of pre-season.

Individual player reports have now been created with informed recommendations. This approach is vital to keep player availability at a maximum, as well as maximising the athletic capacity of individuals and continued development of the squad through strength & conditioning.


Head of Performance, Lee Salter, commented: “Pre-season assessment, testing and re-testing is critical to performance. Without having benchmarks and tangible Key Performance Indicators, we would not be able to assess, monitor or improve the lads' standards. Everything we are looking into will hopefully translate into success on the field, and provide Danny and Simmo with a robust squad that can begin the season in a suitably explosive manner.


Don't miss the chance to secure your admission to our pre-season friendlies at home, starting with this week's match against county rivals Yeovil Town at the link below! Season Tickets can also be found on the Fanbase app and website!

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