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PLAYER SPOTLIGHT: Josh Morgan-Williams

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Our Club Journalist Rob Bird took a look new signing Josh Morgan-Williams prior to our last home game against Wimborne. Read Rob's spotlights and articles first in our Matchday Magazine.

We may feel a 3-1 defeat against Tiverton Town doesn’t really account for their first half dominance, and if that’s the case, Williams should feel most disappointed.

A strong and direct Williams dominated midfield for the majority of the match, looking a class act on and off the ball. His expert performance has left many excited for his future performances and influence on a Frome side battling to escape the relegation zone.

Could he be the missing piece of the puzzle? Williams stands at over 6 foot 2 inches tall and used his height to demonstrate an aerial presence both offensively and defensively throughout the game. Throughout the game Williams was authoritative and vocal. Almost acting as a second captain, Williams helped keep Frome upbeat and focused as they ploughed through a frustrating second half against a confident Tiverton Town.

Incredible footwork, skill and ball control was showcased throughout the encounter by Williams, which allowed him to beat his opposition midfield counterparts on multiple occasions. With this also come a flawless first touch, with further symbolises his excellent footballing ability.

Williams showed an excellent understanding of positioning, especially defensively, which allowed him to quickly put pressure on Tiverton players’ first touches, which constantly led to a regain of Frome possession.Williams’s excellent physical condition set him in good stead to keep a high tempo throughout the game. Additionally, his strength and ability to hold off opposition players was a massive asset when it came to retaining possession of the ball for Frome.Obviously realising the threat of Williams,

Tiverton put constant pressure on him, although despite being cornered constantly, Williams was consistently calm on the ball and never lost possession.He completed a range of short and long range passes against Tiverton faultlessly, which aided Frome’s ability to attack quickly. Williams was also allowed one shot, which was struck with venom and looked goal bound, had it not been for a brave Tiverton block.

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