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Partnership update: Mortgage advice bureau

As you'll be aware the club is always on the look out for more commercial partners to work alongside to help raise the opportunities for companies to reach our fans and help grow the club.. You will notice that we have a new advertising partner for October and November in the Mortgage Advice Bureau. Their adverts will be placed on our website articles during this time.

The Mortgage Advice Bureau offer a huge range of information on mortgages and mortgage protection advice. If you are looking at mortgages or actually just want to have a play with their cool mortgage calculator. Click on the banner adverts to find out more.

This initiative is run by Simon Morrall, representative of the Mortgage Advice Bureau

Simon mentioned: "We are keen to be involved with the club as the positives are there to be seen, great communications with the fans and it's my company’s aim to help everyday fans understand the complexities of mortgages with the help of expert advice. We are UK's largest broker and represent over 90 lenders and are not tied into selected suppliers, so we can provide mortgages on a personal level.

Marketing & Commercial Manager Scott Fitzgibbon added:

"We are delighted to have such a great company, a large national organisation showing interest in Frome Town F.C. and helping us to reach our off the field goals. Simon and his team have been very professional and we really hope that this partnership can grow beyond these two months."

Thank you Simon for your support and helping the Robins.

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