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Our new board

We are pleased to now be able announce further details of our new board. This follows the announcement by Mr Graham earlier this week about his appointment as the new club Chairman.

The following is a statement from our new Chairman.

"As every supporter will know from my previous statement, that I have taken over as chairman of Frome Town FC following the resignation of the majority of the previous board, at the end of last season. I was invited to take on the post by the remaining Directors. With the opportunity to look at all matters with fresh eyes and after much thought, I had some early decisions to make. I am determined to change the way the club and club operations will managed moving forwards. To be clear, this is not a criticism of the previous Board. We will always be grateful to them for their achievements overseeing the most successful period in the club’s history.

However, the last 7 months have radically changed the landscape for this club. We are now probably going to be entering the most trying period for my new Board. The awful Coronavirus outbreak meant we have had no income coming in to the Football Club since March 2020. Obviously many bills built up and continue to mount up. Even after the amazing £20,000.00 fund raiser organised by Scott Fitzgibbon, which we are truly indebted to your efforts Scott and all those that pledged to save this wonderful club.

Openness to our situation is key for everyone to understand, as we start this season with a bank overdraft. This means we need to attract people to invest money in the club, as well as others who are willing to work hard to raise money. This is the only way we can continue into the new season and maintain a push for promotion. We are thankful, as always for the ongoing support of every one of our sponsors, including our main sponsors Carpet Factory Frome and IMS, who have all been incredibly supportive through this time.

Unfortunately, over the last few seasons, the relationship between the Supporters Club & the Football Board has not been as I would have wanted or would have liked to inherit. However - much work has gone into improving this relationship over the last few months. Which allows me to announce the first appointment to the club's new board. I have appointed Supporters Club Chairman John Turner to join the new board. I must add this was unanimously supported by every member of the new Board. We need to remain focused on the amazing work the Supporters club have done over the years including donated many, many thousands of pounds into our club. It's my belief that it is only right that they should have representation on the board, be involved and have transparency to see where the money raised is being used.

Our second appointment, is Jonathan Carver. Jonathan is a solicitor from Warminster, who worked for the Director of Public Prosecution for 20years. Jonathan responded to our requests for new board members. Jonathan will be providing investment and a wide range of support to the board, whilst keeping a good eye on me and the rest of the board!

Gary Collinson & Brian Stevens, who were on the previous board, could easily have left with the other members, but both took the more difficult decision to stay and rebuild the finances for the coming season. They both deserve a lot of credit for sticking with our club when it would have been easier to go, and instead take on this seemingly impossible task!

Finally, due to our immediate requirements for more financial support and because we still need to find a finance director. In the interim, I have managed to persuade Danny Greaves to take on this post until further notice (as this is his “proper job”). I appreciate this will seem an odd choice in recruitment but currently it’s a necessary one, and he’s not bad at it.

This is the new composition of the Board, but we still are looking for more investors to join us and help Frome Town climb out of this division. Please don’t hesitate to come and chat to us if you have anything to offer.

I cannot emphasise enough what a positive time this is for the Club, our performance on the pitch is showing real promise, attendances look like they will be going up, and there are exciting plans for the future. We have a dynamic commercial side and a very professional media strategy... this is and will be a great time to be involved or a supporter of this great club.

Derek Graham


Frome Town FC

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