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Our 2023/24 squad

We're delighted to reveal our squad for the upcoming season, with us retaining a large amount of players from last season including some our fans favourites.

Our 21 man squad sees us create a squad that we believe is capable of meeting our promotion ambitions. At this point it does also include Matt Smith and Tyler Ashmead who are still recovering from long term injuries. Manager Danny Greaves added, "We went through a fairly big transitional period over the course of last season. Making changes mid-season is never easy, and it takes some time to get players out and get player in and then to embed the new players is a further process. It was painful at times, but we knew it would be, but also knew changes were required and we would see the benefits long term."

"Our form over the last 10 games was very good. The fact we were top of the form guide over the last 6 games of the season shows we were starting to see the rewards of the changes made to the playing squad. Therefore my priority over the past 4 weeks has been ensuring we kept this group together, which I am delighted to say we have managed to do. We have a core of a very good young and hungry group of players, supported by a smaller core of established experienced players."

"This is a squad profile which has previously been our DNA and proved successful over many seasons. I would like to thank those players moving on, and wish them all the best for the future. We now look forward to the rest of the summer break before returning to pre-season in late June to prepare for an exciting season ahead." Make sure you are there to see the adventure of the season play out, claim your early bird season ticket today.

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