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Not a fan of social media or apps but want more?

We are in the process of adding more functionality to the website. To allow us to bring in more of the data from our mobile app into the main website.

You will have noticed we've made some subtle changes to the website navigation over the last couple of weeks. We now have a new section that will allow quicker access to teamsheets and the matchday programmes.

It will require you to sign-up to join our website. Which is free of any costs and you will also receive email updates on the up coming matches and our newsletters.

In these sections you will be able to view the latest team sheets and programmes. As well as add your own comments and well wishes to the team.

Please bear with us whilst we get this fully up and running, it might take a few weeks to be up to speed. Options in the sections may also change as we learn more.

Any comments and posts will appear on both the website and the app simultaneously.

Within each section you can adjust your notifications to be able to receive notifications of posts and/or comment to either your email address or to the app.

This means you can start to receive the latest teamsheets and programme details direct to your inbox.

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