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NEW CREST: Made by fans for the fans!

Frome Town Football Club is delighted to announce the launch of our brand new Club Crest, to be used across the club from today.

The club have been working alongside SF Marketing Consultancy and Kane McGuiness Design in the rebranding process over the last 12 months. A process designed to ensure the club could reflect the modernisation and changes being undertaken within the club, whilst remaining true to the club heritage and Robins nickname.

Logo History Frome Town F.C.
A history of the Frome Town Crest development


The process began back last summer where the club committed to a five year aspiration to become the “Best Non-League Club in the Country”, lofty ambitions designed to ensure that any activities undertaken must be performed at a high level, to allow the club to drive on and off the field success.

The first stage was to gauge the desire to retain the old crest and manage modernization changes through short surveys and feedback gathering. However, this revealed that many supporters and local residents thought of the crest as “ugly” and “poorly created”, with many citing the Frome Town Robins as a much improved version of a Robin Crest. This was met with a spectrum of other comments around Ornithology, with the Robin being seen as a lone bird, with the inclusion of two Robins would often be seen as antagonistic.

Frome Town Robins
Frome Town Robins


The club gave our younger fans that attend matches, the chance to draw a new crest and to submit these to the club. With only one exception the children had all drawn new crests in various guises that featured a single Robin (The other had a single eagle). This was followed by a call out to the local community over the Christmas period for anyone to submit their Crest suggestions to the club and that any support would be credited to the individuals. However, the designs received were strong but not necessarily the desired outcome. What ran true again was the need to focus on the past and to create a modern approach that allowed the Crest to be replicated in a positive way without any constraints.

Frome Town FC Logo history
Calling out to fans for their thoughts

Frome Town Logo Entries
Example fan entries


The design process was managed by Frome-based designer Kane McGuiness with Scott Fitzgibbon, with the aim of creating a design that could be easily used across all club communications. The importance was largely focused around the clarity of being able to present the Frome Town wording and a newly stylised Robin, in a manner that could be replicated on merchandise as effectively as online. The process underwent design iterations being reviewed by the club, selected fan groups and players to gauge the thoughts and to provide any insights.

Kane commented "Our new identity for Frome Town FC symbolizes a transition for the club, with a fresh look and new crest. Our design works on all environments with a consistent and versatile appearance. It’s easily adaptable to all modern-day communications for merchandise, print and digital whilst keeping the Robin at the heart of our team”

Scott added “Across the club we are looking to modernise and change misconceptions across the local community. This is well underway with the clubs ‘We are #BA11’ campaign which has been running for 10 months and now the club has a new modern feel to showcase this progress.”


Jeremy Alderman, Frome Town Chairman said:

"We are delighted to see the club continue to evolve and lead the way for sport in Frome. Whether that’s Mens, Womens, Childrens or ability teams. We now have a new identity to represent this development. The club continues to grow daily. Now our supporters have a real opportunity to show their pride in the club, especially it’s tireless work in the community to help make Frome Town FC a real asset to the town itself.”

As the new season approaches more merchandise and replica kits will be available as the club looks to give the fans more options to show their pride in their everyday activities.

The Club have also announced that from next season Frome Town Ladies has renamed to Frome Town Women. With both teams sharing the same design home shirts with the new crest on the front of the shirts.

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