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Mid-season Quiz!

As we emerge from a mid season break, let's get back in the groove and see if you know the answers to the following 10 big questions about the season so far.

See how many you can get... (click the arrow to reveal the answer)

1) We are on an unbeaten run at home but how many games is it?

2) Which player is the only player to take part in all 29 of our matches this season?

3) Which player has scored in 12 of our matches this season?

4) How many goalscorers do we have in double figures this season... and can you name them?

5) In our 29 games this season, how many goals have we scored?

6) In our 20 league matches, how many clean sheets have we kept?

7) How many hat-tricks have been scored this season?

8) Who was the last team to beat us at home (without extra time/penalties)

9) Our 1,103 attendance against Melksham was our biggest since 19__?

10) ...and our biggest league attendance since 19__?

BONUS - How many views did Sam Teale's long range goal get on Twitter before we lost count...?

A big thanks to Club Historian Steve Jupp for the provision of the statistics and details involved.


Want more?

If you like your quiz questions. Then check out the Official Frome Town Quiz book available on Amazon.


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