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Meet Sam Hardwell

We are delighted to announce that we have live commentary for all our home and away games, for those of you that can't make a game or listening overseas. Our new commentary team of Sam Hardwell and Aaron Hooper are ready for the season and going to bring you first class coverage of each game.

We took some some out to find out a little more about Sam and what you should be expecting from the man in you ears.

What attracted you to live commentating?

Sam: I'm a Cardiff City fan living in Bristol, so the only option I saw was to tune into BBC Radio Wales to listen to live match commentary. Every other week, there was (still is) a lead commentator called Rob Phillips. The way he used his adjectives and his tone of voice to describe what was going on was stupendous. He put the picture in your head perfectly. The colourful emotion he put into the game was something I wanted to emulate by using my own personality and has been a dream to do this as a job since that day.

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

Sam: I'm proud whenever I can do work within football. But, if I had to pick... it would probably be interviewing Bristol Rovers manager Darrel Clarke. He made it very easy for me not to feel any pressure if I stuttered upon a question. He knew I was a young journalist by my baby-face, so he was very patient with me. You won't get that kind of breathing space with Jose Mourinho.

What’s been your first impressions of Frome Town?

Sam: It's a football club that is very eager to go places and should be, even while they are trying to build a certain structure on and off the pitch. I have never seen a non-league club play the way we do - patient passing on the ground starting from the back. At this kind of level, it is a unique playing style. We must be patient, however.

How did you find your first Frome town commentary?

Sam: Respectfully surprising. I was worried about connection issues that may have cropped up and thus cancelling the whole thing. However, it went well for a test run. I was told without noticing I was commentating with a smile on my face, and had lovely comments from various Frome Town supporters. Despite this, there's still things I wish to polish up and you can look forward to that too.

What should fans expect from you?

Sam: Enthusiasm when commentating games, and I love to be responsive to fans as much as possible.

How can they listen?

Sam: For the time being, it'll be Facebook live via Frome Town FC until developed alternatives can be tested. The test at that home game was brilliant, this should not be a problem. However, with new grounds to visit away from home, a decent connection cannot always be guaranteed but will do my best to keep you posted.

How can they reach out to you pre-game and during the commentary?

Sam: Pre-game I'd go to my Twitter @HardwellSam , as I'm very opinionated from a football perspective and enjoy the debates. During I would advise everyone to comment on the Facebook Live feed as it is directly in front of me when there is a break in-play.


We now have a Live Commentary page which will detail the games that have live commentary and how to access it.

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