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Matchday #1 preview

It's the start of the season tomorrow as it's finally our turn to begin. Over the last few weeks we've seen the start of the other leagues get going with one or two games under their belt, but now it's our turn and the games come thick and fast. With a game on Wednesday night (h) against Bideford following closely behind.

Tomorrow sees us away to Highworth Town. We hope that many of you will be making the journey to the Save on Tyres Stadium. The journey time from Frome is 75 minutes as the games this season give us some closer matches than we've been used to for the upcoming season.

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Here's the address for those traveling, however be aware to follow the stewards instructions for parking when you get there.

Highworth Town Football Club, 1A Swindon Rd, Highworth, Swindon SN6 7DE

New signings are a plenty with nine new faces in the team, however five of these should be very familar as they have been great players for the club in previous seasons, If you haven't already read Danny's comments on the upcoming season a) you should and b) why not... you can read them here.

The off-season has seen us announce partnerships with Carpet Factory Frome, IMS, Fair Frome with a few more to follow. But the club desperately needs more support from local and national businesses - please reach out to your bosses or explore whether you are able to help for the upcoming season.

You will have now seen glimpses of the new shirt in photos and we promise shirts are on the way. We're sorting out the technical bit with Puma and they wiil be available to buy very shortly.

Back to tomorrow, we've got matchday coverage across the social media channels for tomorrow's match, so if your not there, stay up to date and if you are there please send us any photos of your trip and from the ground!

Finally, as the season starts we are sat comfortably in 9th position. We've 0 loses, 0 draws and 0 goals conceeded. Something we hope to continue to see after tomorrows match...

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