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League restructuring

The following has been announced by the Football Association and Southern League today in regards to the structure of our league at step 4 and the leagues around us. This planned restructuring has been widely reported to ensure that more teams can compete within the pyramid, whilst reducing costs and travel for many of the teams involved.

The FA Statement in Full

We can now confirm that the National League System (NLS) restructure at Steps 4-6 has been completed and the club allocations for the 2021-22 season have been confirmed, subject to FA Council ratification.

The restructure will see 107 clubs in total upwardly moved within the pyramid at Steps 4-6 in order to facilitate the new divisions, with a new additional division at Step 4 and two additional new divisions at Step 5 and a reduction of divisions, from 20 to 17, at Step 6.

The restructure will have a positive impact on a significant number of clubs, supporting them with reduced travel and costs and providing greater opportunities for generating income via localised fixtures.

We would like to thank all of the clubs across the National League System for their hard work and effort in completing their applications for upwards movement and we look forward to welcoming them back for the 2021-22 season.

The full list of club allocations for the 2021-22 season covering Steps 3-6 can be downloaded here.

---- This would currently leave the make up of the Southern league first division at 19 teams. With Thatcham and Basingstoke moving across divisions, and Moneyfields choosing voluntary relegation.


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