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League News: League fixtures cancelled

The Southern League yesterday announced that they intend to cancel the remainder of the season, with no provision for the league to complete the unplayed fixtures before the start of next season.

So what does this mean?

The league have made this recommendation based on contract situations with players across the two divisions and the pressure this puts clubs under, So the league will now look to the FA to ratify it's decision to cancel the remaining league fixtures. Is the league voided?

No, not at this stage. The league can not make this decision at this point due to awaiting decisions from other leagues. The National League has made it's intentions of wanting to complete their fixtures once there is an opportunity to restart. Promotions and relegations?

This still remains unclear as the promotion and relegation places may still need to occur. As the re-distribution of clubs at Steps 5+6 had been announced earlier this season with more clubs due to be promoted. Additionally, it would be incredible to think the National League would take away the chance for any side to not enter the Top 4 divisions in the country. Our view As always with these situations, we will consider our options and can assure every fan and partner that we are liaising with the league. At this point Thatcham Town and Frome Town are in a difficult position where the vast majority of the league will be pushing for a different outcome to us. However with 3/4 of a season complete and huge financial investments made into our promotion push to return to the premier division. The club will be awaiting decisions to be made before considering any options. It is our strong belief that based on the season performance (ppg) and the rules the league have already implemented for playoffs in previous years, that both Thatcham and Frome should be considered for promotion if the season has been declared over. Our fans

We can understand your frustration, as your support especially in this season has been fantastic. If the decisions end up not being those we believe they should be. Then we can promise you we will go again. We will need further help and support, but we will not be deviating from our goals of returning to the premier league.

DANNY'S REACTION:

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