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The Board of Directors of Frome Town AFC Ltd (the Company), in accordance with Article 11 of the Articles of Association invite applications for Supporter Members.

The application fee is £20 per annum, reduced to £10 for members of Frome Town Supporters Club and Season ticket holders. Only one discount applies per person. Each applicant will receive a certificate of membership.

A Supporter Member is entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Company and vote on the Election of Directors.

In addition, in accordance with Article 43 of the Articles of Association of Frome Town Holdings Ltd a Supporter Member has the right to vote on any proposal for the sale, lease or mortgage of the Playing Grounds.

The full details of the relevant provisions may be found within the attached documents. Applicants are strongly encouraged to read these before applying. This is a great opportunity to become more involved in the running of the Club.

Subject to the take up of the offer, the Board may put on exclusive events for Supporter Members.

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Download PDF • 422KB

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