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He's got Bottle!

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Last night saw the conclusion of our two community raffles and Neil Mitchell walked (albeit slowly) away with a barrow full of bottles as the club raised over £770.

The club set about to raise as much money as we can to help the club's community initiatives throughout the season culminating in next years BA11 LIVE day.

With two main raffles with signed shirts and produce from local companies raffled off as part of the club raffle we saw nearly £200 raised.

The bottle raffle continued to gain donations online and at the ground with nearly £600 raised from bottles donated by supporters, players, sponsors, companies and our club representatives. There were so many bottles that the wheelbarrow overflowed with the amount of donations.

Community Manager Leah Poole was on hand last night to talk about the work the club is undertaking in the community already. To help everyone at the club know where their generosity is going. Leah joined by Marketing Communications Director Scott Fitzgibbon made the draw at half time much to the delight of Neil Mitchell who was the big winner of the evening.

As the month's continue towards Christmas look out for more coming from our community team. If you have a cause or would like to help support the club's community opportunities please contact Leah Poole at


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