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Frome Women 2-1 AEK Boco Ladies

Frome Town Women made a massive statement in their League campaign with an assured 2-1 win at Badger’s Hill today over current Divisional leaders, AEK Boco. In front of a record crowd of 145, and under a black sky, Frome took to the pitch looking to remove the threat they knew would come from Boco’s front three as the away side set out to do just that, starting quickly to close Frome down and then looking to release pace on their right wing. Frome’s backline of Edwards, Perkins and Didymus were pressed hard but soaked up the pressure, with support from Starr, Bristow, Wyatt and Minty.


Frome did not look daunted by the bluff and gusto of Boco though and stuck to their strong passing game to move the ball forward centrally and on the wings. Boco looked flustered under the pressure. Wyatt combined with Thorner-Atkinson to create an opening on the left early on while Harris shot across the face of goal soon after.


12 Minutes in and Frome showed why they are up near the top when Minty tried a shot from range which the Boco keeper mis-judged, as the spin and bounce took it over the line to make it 1-0 to Frome.


In the 16th minute AEK Boco struck back as they made a fast break on the right win and got in the corner, crossing to penalty spot and a good finish, hooked over Restorick, put the scores level.  


The rest of the first half was very end-to-end with chances for both sides but both defences restricting the teams to shoot from range. Much of the game was fought in the middle of the pitch with Starr, Underhill and Bristow working the ball forward for Frome while Harris’ pace seemed to constantly unsettled Boco at the back. Behind Frome’s back line, Restorick was once again on top form, calmly fielding Boco’s speculative shots and through-balls before sending the ball long, with interest, to put the away side under pressure. Having put in a fantastic shift for the team, Starr was rested just before the interval with Regler coming on.


The half-time break gave both teams a chance to collect themselves and recharge for the decisive second half, with the visitors and their coach clearly ruffled and unhappy with some of the free-kicks awarded by the referee, while the crowd eagerly awaited the next 45 minutes of football.  


Frome’s decision to kick into the sun first half seemed a good one as Boco now faced uphill, with the lowering winter sun shining brightly toward them. A rainbow rose over Badger’s Hill, signalling the start of another energising half of football. Overall, Frome were comfortable throughout the half and controlled the game, limiting Boco to very few opportunities to break their back line. From the kick-off, in fact, Boco were forced back into their own half, trying to play out down the wings, but Frome pressed high with Harris, and Thorner-Atkinson, supported by Minty, Bristow, Regler and Wyatt, leaving Boco frustrated at the back. Boco struggled to get out of their own half and were reduced to attempts from range which Restorick safely claimed.


With the home side taking a grip on the game, red shirts pushed forward, searching for the chance that would give them the lead. Thorner-Atkinson had an attempt from range from but it went wide of the post. Soon after, a break down the left hand side of the box orchestrated by Underhill and Wyatt fed to Bristow who had an effort saved which resulted in a corner. A corner on the left-hand side which Minty whipped in forcefully towards the goal line but Boco were able to head over for another corner. On the 2nd attempt, Minty whipped in again and Boco were unable to deal with the dropping ball as Perkins stepped forward to stab the ball home from close range, 2-1 to Frome.


Moments later the AEK Boco manager gave the referee no option to book him for dissent. Meanwhile Frome set about calming the game, and using their strong squad, bringing on Petteford and Peet for Harris and Wyatt, while Ratcliffe and Whisstock came on for Didymus and Minty soon after. Underhill was strong also, seemingly with the play across the pitch, to contain Boco and keep Frome pushing forward. The oncoming players showed the quality for Frome’s squad with Peet showing energy and drive and attack, Petteford brought calm and control to the midfield, while Whisstock and Ratcliffe both worked to cut out Boco throughballs in crucial areas, as the away side searched for an equaliser that never came.


Team Manager, Ben Bolland, gave his thoughts on the game: “This was an outstanding team performance, for which we prepared and set up effectively. We faced a strong team today and pushed them hard in every area of the pitch. I thought in the second half, we controlled the game excellently and got the result that the players deserved. The crowd today was amazing and we would like to thank all of them for their fantastic support.”


The win moves Frome to within 2 points of Boco and 2nd place Pucklechurch (whose away game at Weymouth was sadly abandoned today), in what is a very tight League with the top five teams within 5 points of each other. Frome will take massive confidence from this win though as they head back to the training ground to prepare for their next League game, away to Weston-Super-Mare Ladies next Sunday.


Massive thanks to Ryan Atkins for helping with this match report.


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